Virtual Blood Bank

A GCC Initiative to Reach Appropriate Blood Donors to Blood Receivers

Donor Eligibility

For donating blood, the donor should not be suffering from any of the following diseases or taking medicines for them.

1 Hepatitis B, C  
2 AIDS  


Diabetes (under medication currently)  
4 Fits/ Convulsions (under medication currently)  
5 Cancer (Leprosy or any other infectious diseases)  
6 Any allergies (if you are suffering from severe symptoms)  
7 Hemophilia/ Bleeding problems  
8 Kidney disease  
9 Heart disease  
10 Hormonal disorders  
11 Any other type of Jaundice (within last 5 years)  
12 Tuberculosis (within last 2 years)  
13 Chicken Pox (within last 1 year)  
14 Malaria (within last 1 year)  
15 Organ Transplant (within last 1 year)  
16 Blood Transfusion (within last 6 months)  
17 Pregnancy (within last 6 months)  
18 Blood Donation (within last 3 months)  
19 Major Surgery (within last 3 months)  
20 Small Pox Vaccination (within last 3 weeks)  
21 Hemoglobin Deficiency / Anemia (recently)  
22 Recent drastic weight loss