Virtual Blood Bank

A GCC Initiative to Reach Appropriate Blood Donors to Blood Receivers

VBB Campaign at Muradnagar, Comilla

February 20, 2014 – Virtual Blood Bank Project has recently completed its Blood Grouping Campaign at Muradnagar, Comilla. A total of 3,355 young students of four local schools have been tested with their blood group along with physical growth status and were checked whether they got anemia. The schools which have been covered under this initiative are: Ajifa Khatun High School, Umalochan Hogh School, Bishnopur High School and Gopal Nagor High School. The program was carried out through February 02 – 16, 2014.

Most of the students were identified having blood group of B+ and O+; other blood groups have been found as well. The growth status of the young people was examined by their body weight and height in comparison to their age. As a whole, the growth condition of the female students was of greater concern in comparison to their male peers. Students were also checked for some visible signs of anemia to examine whether they are anemic. General observation says female students tend to be more anemic than the males. All the students have also been registered as future blood donors under Virtual Blood Bank. They have been provided with a temporary ID card with the health information checked in the program. All the studetnts will be provided with a permanent ID card along with their picture and blood group information soon.

Virtual Blood Bank is a project of Global Communication Center, Grameen Communications which is a web-based platform serving as a storage of blood donors’ information while connecting the blood donors with the blood receivers by constructing the location map of the donors.

The program was carried out with assistance of KrisEnergy Limited, who propped up the initiative with financial and operational support as a part of their CSR activities. The project site was visited by high officials of KrisEnergy Limited on February 12, 2014 which was very encouraging for everyone. Also, the officials of KrisEnergy Limited involved with the program and all the teachers and students of the schools deserve special thanks for their benevolent cooperation to make the program a successful one.