Virtual Blood Bank

A GCC Initiative to Reach Appropriate Blood Donors to Blood Receivers

Virtual Blood Bank: First Blood Grouping Camp in Chittagong

September 26, 2013 – The first Blood Grouping Camp of Virtual Blood Bank has been held at Kandhurkhil High School of Popadia Union, Chittagong as a part of the series of blood grouping campaigns to be held at 25 academic institutions with a goal to provide blood grouping service to 12,500 young people from all over the country. The program took place through 24 – 25 September; a total of 557 students of the school have taken up the blood grouping service and registered as future blood donors at the Virtual Blood Bank. The Popadia Union Parishad Chairman and all the teachers of Kandhurkhil High School also took part in the program and encouraged the initiative.

Virtual Blood Bank is a web-based platform to store the blood donors’ information digitally and generate a digitized mapping of probable blood donors from all over the country. The donors’ database is searchable according to their locations so that the blood receivers can easily get connected to the donors as, when and where the blood is required.

Virtual Blood Bank will continue its blood grouping camping in the educational institutions in Dhaka throughout next few months and will gradually reach to the institutions located at other urban, suburban and rural areas of the country. Interested institutes or individuals are invited to contact Virtual Blood Bank for similar Blood Grouping Campaign at their place.